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You Are What You Eat & Drink


Is Mountain Dew a part of a balanced breakfast?  That’s what the makers of Mountain Dew Kickstart want you to believe. The new 80 calorie breakfast drink contains Vitamin C and five percent juice. Each 16 fl oz can also contains 20 grams of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and 92 mg of caffeine.  The same amount of coffee has approximately 150 mg of caffeine and can possibly help in lowering the risk of heart failure and some cancers.  So if you are looking for a healthy way to kickstart your day you should drink coffee and a glass of 100 percent vegetable or fruit juice and skip the Dew.

Microwave popcorn may be toxic to your health.  According to the Environmental Working Group, a non profit human and environmental health watchdog group, most microwavable popcorn bags are coated with PFCs.  PFCs are a group of chemicals that have been linked to various cancers and reproductive system damage.  The popcorn is then covered in diacetyl, the fake flavor that is used to create a buttery flavor.  This chemical has been linked to lung damage in consumers and factory workers.  A healthy way to make microwave popcorn is to use a brown paper lunch sack and popcorn kernels.  Just place the kernels in the sack, fold the end down and microwave for three minutes.  Then microwave real butter and slather it over the popcorn.

Salmonella is not what you want the easter bunny to give you, but was possibly found in Zachary Confections chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs.  According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the eggs were voluntarily recalled after a sample tested showed potential for salmonella contamination.  Salmonella bacterium cause serious infections in people with weak immune systems, and young and old people.  Salmonella kills 400 Americans each year.

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